mercoledì 20 giugno 2007


The Cutman, Harvell Jenkins (Ryan Sickler) and Corner Man, Teddy Loons (Tom Segura) are veteran partners in the boxing game. After 19 long years, the prized possession of a world champion still eludes them. But Harvell and Teddy have a new fighter, and tomorrow night Kenny "Spare-Tire" Sparrow (Greg Field) is gonna knock somebody out!

Join a mockumentary film crew that captures the bizarre corner methods and barbaric training style that Jenkins and Loons employ to prove they are among the greats in the world of boxing.

With the big fight only a night away, Jenkins and Loons spot the chiseled yet unassuming Maurice Jones (Mickey Briggs). The crafty veterans have their golden opportunity. In an Instant the Spare-Tire goes flat and Harvell and Teddy put all their chips on the "River"!

The first film written by Segura and Sickler, 'Cutman' puts you in the ring and delivers round by round laughs with its take on the boxing world and the people who live it. Cutman is a knockout!
"Pound for Pound the greatest boxing film since 'Black Stallion'."
- Eddie Pontain - Editor, Junk Magazine

"'Cutman' will do for boxing what other films have done for other sports."
- Noah Cote - Film Critic, First Reel Monthly, Dayton, OH

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