lunedì 11 giugno 2007

FASHION SHOW, la sfilata di Stefane Monzon

Ci sono cascati in tanti, anche i più importanti giornali on line italiani. Ma è tutto falso!

Pubic Hair Fashion Show - Watch more amazing videos here

So spot-on and genuine is this film in its regard for its subject, the term "mockumentary" just doesn't seem to fit. Nevertheless, as this 3-minute "Fashion Show" unfolds, it becomes clear, sort of, that someone has orchestrated the proceedings. Commissioned by Grey Worldwide and directed by James Rouse with The Viral Factory, "Fashion Show" purports to chronicle the latest work of fictional designer Stefane Monzon, whose canvas is hair - specifically pubic hair. Staged in LA, the piece has a grounded, realistic tone, despite the outrageous styling choices (including Ostrich-like plumes as well as flame-streaked hair, because, as Monzon exclaims, "fire burns everywhere, it doesn't just burn it the tips."). Edited by Justin Trovato at Jigsaw Editorial, the film jumps from backstage to center stage, and the crowd was wowed by the show, which they perceived to be real - only the models, actors, and production staff knew it was a setup.

Client: Remington
Spots Title: "Fashion Show"
First Air Date: September 18, 2006

Production Company: The Viral Factory USA
Director: James Rouse with The Viral Factory USA

Agency: Grey London/The Viral Factory USA
Creatives: Sam Hibbard, Grey London/The Viral Factory USA
Editorial: Jigsaw/ Santa Monica
Editor: Justin Trovato
Sound Design: Eleven Sound/Santa Monica
Music: NAPT (Sub Frequency Funk Records)
Song: Rock Your Style
Shoot Location: Los Angeles

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