lunedì 19 ottobre 2009

Unreel Sport - Gli sport mai visti

Unreel Sports #1 treads dangerously through the backyard sport phenomenon of swimming in pools designed to kill.

Unreel Sports #2 kicks it mold school and rides the grey wave with two early retirees Jake and Scott, the originators of the mobile assistant aid action sport of Crawbling.

Unreel Sports #3 hangs with two dedicated athletes who turned a horrific hazing technique into a hardcore action sport.

Unreel Sports #4 cashes in on a sport played by only two well dressed hardcore men obsessed with recording the fastest money withdrawal from an ATM machine

Unreel Sports #5 remembers the rise and fall of legendary Heavy Footer Cory Staab and the sport he brought crashing back down to earth.

Unreel Sports #6 uncovers a new trend that is ripping through the world of parenting - parents endangering the lives of their infant children in the name of sport.

Unreel Sports #7 marches you into the philosophical world of Aggressive Walking, an improvised re-envisioning of the urban landscape through forward motion.

Unreel Sports #8 lets you in on the ground floor of Synchronized Skateboarding, a lucrative and exciting new action sport. Brought to you by Danny and Tom of Synchro-Boards USA ltd.

Unreel Sports #9 turns back the clock and highlights the pioneering minds behind one of the original and great extreme sports, chainsurfing.

Unreel #10 skootches up to meet Joel and Tate, the world's most dedicated Nordic Snowboarders.

Unreel Sports # 11 dives in to the new sport of aquatic billiards, otherwise known as Pool Pool.

Unreel Sports # 12 enters into the realm of Atomikaron as we meet the sensitive inventors of Segway Jousting.

Unreel Sports #13 tethers us to Brock and Larry, the promoters and inventors of the new hybrid sport, Bungee Boxing.

Unreel Sports #14 proves that seeing is not necessarily believing as they profile the world's most talented vision-impaired badminton players.

Unreel Sports # 15 goes deep undercover to showcase the illegal sport known as Carpeting. Get ready to roll.

Unreel Sports # 16 examines the lives of men who took the concept of Co-Ed Nude sports tee shirts to the next level.

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